Officers are critical in ensuring the activities of the Society are possible. Listed below are the officers of the Canton, their contact info, and a description of the office.

Lady Fyen Van AmsterdamChief administrative officer of an SCA recognized branch, the branch’s representative to the world, and runs the local meetings
Lord Domnall LocardThe Herald acts as the master of ceremonies.
Knight’s Marshal
Master Achbar ibn AliThe Knight’s Marshal is responsible for Martial Art training and safety (armored combat)
Lady Zafira bint MiriamThe Exchequer is responsible for the finances of the canton and acts as the chapter’s treasurer.
Minister of Arts and Sciences
Lady Tóth ÉvaThe Minister of Arts and Sciences is responsible for promoting of Arts & Science activities.
Chatelain & Gold Key
Lady Rikitsa Kippsdotter The Chatelain aids newcomers and interested people in learning about the SCA.

Gold Key is the collection of clothing for newcomer’s to borrow for their first events.
Web Minister
Lord Cyriac GrymsdaleThe Web Minister maintains the Canton’s website.