Tournament at Elchenburg Castle

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It is Charlesbury Crossing’s privilege…nay, our PLEASURE to tell you of a tournament the likes of which has never before been seen in the Kingdom of Atlantia! On the feast day of Saint Leo the Great a grand tourney held at Elchenburg Castle will pit tourney companies against tourney companies. Archers! Practice your aim, for your accuracy will determine the fate of your team in the lists. Heralds! Your words will carry loud and far crying the virtues of your company! Squires, Knights, men-at-arms! Polish your armor and prepare to meet your fellows on the field. Cavalry! The skillful partnership of horse and rider will be on display for all to see! Will your tourney company take the day and prove to be the Seekers of Serenity….Protectors of Elchenburg Virginity….and the Enforcers of our Sovereign King?!?

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