Spring Crown- Camping Information

Camping is free of charge but we would like to know who is camping so we can coordinate groups wishing to camp together or ensure enough single camping land allotment.
Firewood will be available onsite to purchase.  Please contact Tatiana Berezetskaia at thewoodcutterwife@gmail.com for more information.


If you would like to register to camp, please send tent size (with ropes) and if you wish to camp as a group or individually to Tatiana at the email address:   thewoodcutterwife@gmail.com. 


Please make note of the site rules below.


Site Rules


Please respect the rules and each other. Elchenburg Castle Farm has the right to refuse or deny admission without cause or reason of any kind. Infraction of the established rules may result in curtailment of activities and/or expulsion from site without refund of fees. All federal, state, and local laws apply on site. Renters of Elchenburg Castle assume all liability.
  • In case of emergency, call 9-1-1. Elchenburg Castle Farm resides in an area where 9-1-1 reaches emergency services.
  • Please respect the buildings and accoutrements of the site. The kitchen and freezers in the farm house are for the use of staff and site residents only.
  • Parents are responsible for their children’s actions and any damage they may do to the site or to themselves. Please help them to understand and respect of the site, other people’s camps & the animals here, and the dangers of things like leeches and electric fences.
  • Do not touch electric fences.
  • Do not climb on the castle or any other site structure.
  • There is no smoking in any of the buildings. Please be conscious of the drift of your smoke, and dispose of your butts in proper containers.
  • Pets must be supervised and on a leash (crated or otherwise constrained) at all times while on site. Owners must properly dispose of their pets’ waste.
  • Fires of any sort must be supervised at all times and extinguished properly. At the end of the event, all left over fire wood (used or not) must be taken with you or placed along the tree line so as to be out of the way of lawnmowers. Before you dump your coals, if you’re not willing to stick your hand in the ashes to ensure they’re completely cool, flood the ashes with water. Please don’t burn down the site!
  • Please put the lid (seat) down in the portajohns. This allows the unpleasant odors of the contents to vent properly, preventing a stinky portajohn.
  • If an event provides a dumpster, please put all garbage in the dumpster before you leave site. Otherwise, please take it with you.
  • Please do not block roadways. If anyone (especially a staff member) asks you to move your vehicle, please move it immediately.


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