Spring Crown Feast

Feast Information

The feast is being prepared by Chez Robear (House of Master Robert de Bardoulf).  The head cook for this event is  Lady Tirzah MacCrudden.  For dietary concerns, please contact her at lltirah@gmail.com.


Primero. /. First
Allos Quesos. /. Garlic Cheese
Sostenga. /. Meat Sauce
Pay y Mantequilla. /. Bread & Fresh Butter

Próximo. /. Next
Llimonea y . /. Lemon sauce with
MiG- Raust. /. Half Roast (Chicken)
per Farcir Porcell. /. Stuffed Pork
Alberginies. /. Eggplant
Pastanagat. /. Carrots
Lletilles. /. Lentils
Ordination. /. Barley Cream

Postre. /. Dessert
Let Malcuita. /. Milk Custard

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