Tournament at Elchenburg Castle – Martial Activities

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Tournament Points

  • Best Heraldic presence of tournament team
  • Herald with best overall performance
  • Winner of archery tournament
  • Winner of armored combat melee
  • Winner of EQ competition
Tournament Teams: one (1) herald, one (1) archer, two (2) armored combatants, and one (1) EQ rider


  1. Tournament Team Procession. Each Tournament Team will process across the tournament field in full regalia with their herald introducing their team. Dependent upon the number of teams, each herald will get 2-3 minutes to introduce their team. A gong will sound if the herald exceeds the time limit.
  2. Archery Tournament. Each herald will get 1 minute to introduce their archer. Competition TBD. Targets TBD.
  3. Armored Melee. Two (2) man teams will be placed around field with their herald. Each herald has 1 minute to introduce their team. Teams will enter into the melee in 15 second intervals. Seeding of melee will be determined by results of the archery tournament. The team with the lowest scoring archer will enter the melee first, with the highest scoring archer’s team entering the melee last. Winner of the melee will determine EQ rider’s entry place in EQ competitions.
  4. EQ competitions. Heralds will get 1 minute to introduce their rider. Competitions TBD.